Top 20 Street Foods in India you must try

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India is a land of diversity. The umpteen languages, cultures, religions and even different seasons, make India unique. What add to the colour of this kaleidoscope are our wondrous people, gleeful festivals, and delish food!

Many from around the world travel to India to just explore the myriad flavours, every part of the country offers. The exploration, aided by social media app for travellers, opens up a whole new palette of tastes, cuisines and preparations, hidden at every corner of the country.

While Michelin Star-level food might have its takers, it’s the hidden gems at every street that the travellers want for an authentic experience.

To find out what’s on the plate of people from more than 50 countries, we take a look at the ‘trending’ section of Explurger – one of the most popular social media apps for travellers. The social media app is a hit with travellers as it allows real feedback from real people. The users from around the globe share their experiences on the go, and create a personalized travelogue without a hiccup.

So what better place to find out the top 20 street food on people’s plate, than our fellow Explurgers feed! Take your pick:

1. Aloo Tikki: When talking about Indian street food, one can’t complete the list without mentioning the delicious aloo tikki. It definitely cuts it as the most favourite among Explurgers, who have shared this dish on the made in India social media app, a thousand times. And, why not!

2. Puchkas: Popular as Puchkas in Bengal, Gol-gappas in Delh,i and pani-puri in Maharashtra, the sphere-shaped balls filled with spicy water make for a super-crunchy and, at the same time, delish watery delight. The street food with numerous names has been unanimously called a must-have by Explurgers.

3. Vada Pav: The very famous speciality of Aamchi Mumbai, Vada Pav combo is an instant hit amongst everyone whether you're from the Northeast, the North or the West.

4. Dabeli: Known for adding sweetness to everything, Gujaratis love their Dabeli unsweetened. Originating from Gujarat, and adopted in Maharashtra, Dabeli is a staple evening snack that can't be missed by a lot of people today.

5. Momos: Without a doubt, Momos have won the hearts of millions. It would be no exaggeration if on called it the king of the modern Indian street foods. It has now evolved to serve every palate, and you can take a pick from the several fillings your neighbourhood momos stall offers.

6. Cholle Bhaturey: When it comes to food, the flavoursome food of the state of Punjab could single-handedly trump food from any country in the world. No foodie, no matter from which part of the globe, can ever resist a plate of fluffy bhautrey. And neither can the Explurgers who share their yummilicious plate of chole bhaturey often on the social media app.

7. Litti Chokha: Flavourful, simple and filing – these 3 words describe the staple from Bihar. Of late, the popularity of Litti Chokha has gone universal. And the community of Explurgers definitely stan the mouth-watering delicacy.

8. Thukpa Soup: Ever tasted a soup that is magic, warm and love? Yes, that’s Thukpa for you from the Northeastern states. It’s now being perfected in every part of the country, and is a very popular evening snack, especially in winters.

9. Kathi Rolls from Kolkata: Once popular as Kolkata’s Kathi Rolls, these rolls are now available at every street food vendor’s stall throughout the country. And the filling has become very imaginative as well! From Chicken, to beef, potato, noodles, soya, paneer and more – you can put everything you can eat in your roll.

10. Poha Jalebi from Madhya Pradesh: A combination of sweet and sour, poha and jalebi is one of the most popular dishes to have come out of Madhya Pradesh. Explurgers from Indore have shared some of the top places to visit for this unique flavoursome combo.

Besides the ones listed above, here are the other top street food:

11. Bikaneri Kachori from Rajasthan

12. Ghugni Chaat from Bengal

13. Idli Sambhar, Chennai Love

14. Bengal's very own Jhal Muri

15. Delhi's famous Ram Ladoo

16. Lakhanpur De Balley

17. Akki Rotti from Karnataka

18. Mirchi Bajji from the Land of Charminar

19. Tunde Kabab, the Shahi Awadh Culture

20. Paya Soup from Bhopal

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