Make you trip memorable with this one simple app

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'One day baby, we'll be old… Think of all the stories that we could have told'

Those popular lyrics have a tinge of regret in them. These lyrics are also a reminder to all of us: to live life to the fullest so that we don’t think of stories we could have told. Instead, to live a life that makes us revel in all the memories that we created.

A reminder to collect stories as we go exploring the world. A reminder to preserve memories for when we are back from our backpacking trip. To Tell stories of the exciting people we met in a new city. To remind ourselves what we learnt at every mile we covered.

Although, in the modern times, it has become a challenge to capture moments in photographs, to tell stories on social media and yet be able to enjoy our destination. The gadget-powered world has presented the dichotomy between living in the moment and capturing the moment for posterity. But, worry not, Explurger got our back!

While we were grappling to strike a balance here, we discovered Explurger, the new-age social media app. The app “was built keeping in mind the needs of a modern-day traveller”, says Jitin Bhatia, founder of Explurger.

One look at the features of the app, and we realised it is rightly being dubbed as the must-have travelling app.

The smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Explurger offers some exceptional features to help us have a memorable trip. Explurger’s cutting-edge AI maintains a detailed record of our trips without us having to invest much time on the gadget. What’s even more thrilling? We could access our travel data whenever we want and from wherever we want. Oh! It’s also freedom from the rude interruptions of constant updates, did we say?

Here’s how Explurger helped us make our trip better:

A Customized Travelogue, no diary entries needed

“We have upgraded the way you recorded your journey,” said Bhatia. What did we discover? No more journals, travel diaries or multiple app entries needed, because social media app Explurger does the job for us.

The smart AI of Explurger records relevant details in our Travelogue, ensuring we focus on exploring the place.

Here’s how it can help you have a memorable trip:

Record your every Step

Being a passionate traveller, you travel to several cities and countries, and might even lose track of all the places you have been to, which is why this explore the world app is a perfect way to record your every step. Explurger keeps a track of every single step you take, recording the exact number of miles you travel across the world.

Record the exact number of cities, countries and continents:

Explurger will note down the exact number of cities, places, countries and even continents for you without asking for any additional efforts from your end. The best part is you simply Explurge-in or share a picture on the app, and the app automatically updates the Travelogue for you.

Thanks to Explurger, you can flaunt every single trip whenever you wish, or even flaunt the stats such as the total number of cities or countries or continents travelled.

Stay connected with fellow Expurgers on your journey

But that’s not all. “Apart from the travel updates, we have added something extra for a wholesome social media experience for our communities of travellers,” says Bhatia. He shares that the Travelogue will also keep you connected to all the fellow Explurgers you meet in the real world, so that your connection stays strong forever.

It also showcases an updated level of Kudos that you receive on the app.

Bucket List to plan the itinerary

This is another feature that we are totally digging - the Bucketlist! The future lets you add places to your Bucket List that you wish to travel. These could be a cafe that your friend Explurge-in to or a destination that you have always wanted to visit. Simply add this to your Bucket List and when you are around that place, you’ll be reminded to explore it. Making itineraries was never this handy

We are pretty convinced that Explurger needs to be part of our travel preparation and all our travel plans to have an incredible traveling experience. We recommend you download it now! Happy travelling, happy Explurging to you.